Renault Zoe is the company’s best-selling 100% electric car. Now, this is the second generation and comes with a number of improvements over the previous model. In the first row, the new Zoe comes with a larger battery than it had in the first generation. From the 41 kWh, the second generation Renault Zoe will reach a battery of 52 kWh. Thus, the model’s autonomy will increase by 20% and will reach 390 kilometers.

Dacia could introduce an electric car built exactly on this Renault model. It is no surprise that Dacia is working on this, but there are no exact details in this regard. However, among the expected models that could underlie the new Dacia electric car are Renault Zoe.

This car is very good in terms of sales and compared to the rest of the competition. In the first quarter of 2019, Renault Zoe was in second place among the best-selling cars in Europe. It followed immediately after the famous Tesla Model 3.

Dacia officials have already announced that the electric car will become a reality with the help of Renault-Nissan alliance technologies. One of the options would be the Renault K-ZE. It was developed by the Global Access division, responsible for the group’s cheap cars, including Dacia. The K-ZE model could become an electric Dacia by 2020. It has a maximum speed of 105 km / h and a range of up to 270 kilometers. Renault executive Jean Christophe Kugler has announced that the new electric Dacia will remain “shockingly cheap”, so you should not worry too much about the price. It remains to be seen which model will underpin it.