Dacia Spring electric is part of the Renault Group’s vision of providing sustainable mobility, accessible to all, respecting the values ​​and philosophy of the Dacia brand. This showcar foreshadows a mini segment model with 5 doors and 4 seats, benefiting from a 100% electric motor. Spaciously, the vehicle displays the brand’s recognized attributes: simplicity, robustness and accessibility.

Lightweight and compact, the standard version aims for a range of about 200 km according to WLTP norms, which guarantees a versatile use, both in the urban environment and on interurban routes. The series model will be available in 2021. To achieve this new revolution, Dacia takes advantage of Renault’s 10-year experience, a pioneer and leader in electric mobility.

The dark gray body, with fluorescent orange decorative elements, has side protection and integrated shields in the front and rear bars. The SUV’s appearance is emphasized by the over-elevated ground guard and the presence of flag bars. The Dacia Spring Showcar is a mini electric and electrifying segment vehicle. Its small size recommends it as the ideal solution for worry-free daily use.

Particular attention was paid to optical blocks. At the front, the 100% LED headlamps are divided into two levels: a horizontal line at the top and a series of graphic elements integrated into the bumper. In the back, the 4 optical blocks, also 100% LED, form a double Y, announcing the future luminous identity of the Dacia models.

The front of the Spring showcar, with the new light signature and the specific profile of the bonnet and calender, expresses robustness. Benefiting from a 100% electric motor and a battery adapted for daily use, Dacia Spring responds to the pragmatic needs of urban and interurban mobility.

Robust, the vehicle offers both private customers and fleet owners all the advantages of electric cars: easy handling, quiet operation, no vibration, zero emissions. In addition, power is simple and the vehicle’s maintenance needs are low. Dacia Spring is thus an ideal solution for new mobility services, such as car-sharing fleets.