Side Step Bars

Do you want to give a cool and stylish look to your car? Try side step bars. But, they will do more than that raise your Sandero appearance, they will create an easier and safer entry point into your car.

Nerf bars were originally designed to protect vehicles from lower body damage, but they have evolved to serve other purposes as well. Many SUV owners want side bars just for the way they look — these sleek, tubular accessories make a stylish statement. But side step bars are more than accessories for your Sandero, as it is the first thing that helps you getting into the car.

The utility of them cannot be denied in cases where the distance from the bottom to the car is much higher. In such type of situations, kids and old people are not capable enough to climb high step on the car. Side step is the solution for their problems, providing easy entry and exit from lifted cars.

They also provide better protection in the event of side collisions.

These side step bars are wide and slip-resistant.

This Kit contains:

– 2 side step bars

– mounting elements

Premium Armrest with portable pocket

Create a more comfortable and relaxed driving environment with our new and innovative armrest with portable pocket. It gives a touch of elegance to the interior of your Sandero II. The console provides extra storage and keeps your belongings out of sight from potential intruders.

Comfort meets function. Stylish and convenient, this armrest offers valuable additional storage space for carrying small items out of sight and increases driver comfort.

The PORTABLE POCKET is an innovative feature for the armrests. Keep your driver license, wallet or cell phone in the portable pocket, clip to your belt and take it with you!

It is manufactured from quality materials resistant to wear. Armrest adapter comes complete with mounting screws and installation instructions. Includes pen holder, coin holder and a shopping trolley coin. Height adjustment in 4 positions. Push forward padding on the top. Increased loadability – up to 80 kg.

Premium roof rack cross bars

Roof bars are the solution for every need of transportation on your vehicle: roof boxes, ski-carriers, bicycle carriers and general cargo. It’s the obvious place for large items that are difficult to fit in the cabin of the vehicle.

A roof bar is a valuable and versatile accessory for many vehicles, and without one some trips would just not be possible.

Make use of your car’s full packing capacity. Our roof bars make it simple and safe.

These transversal roof bars are attached directly and rapidly to the roof of your car. They can hold up to 80 kg in weight and allow a bike carrier, ski rack or roof box to be mounted to increase your vehicle’s load capacity.

In addition to being strong, light and safe, this item is aerodynamically shaped to reduce wind noise and drag, which translates to a lower increase in fuel consumption.