Dacia Sandero 3. There are less than two months left until the launch of the new model. Fans of this brand are looking forward to the event. Now, to their joy, new images have appeared with the new Dacia. This fall, the third generation of Sandero and Logan models will be launched. If the first car is preferred by westerners, the latter remains the favorite on the Romanian market.

These images are made on a computer and are based on spy photos taken with camouflaged prototypes. It is rather an “artistic impression” of the one who analyzed the original photos. The design is intuitive, assuming that this is, in fact, the final shape of the new model.

The new Sandero is based on the same CMF-B platform as the new Clio. However, advanced level 2 assistance and autonomy systems will be lacking. According to press reports, it will have a hybrid engine version. It is based on a 1.6-liter gasoline engine (around 100 hp), as well as an electric motor. The total power would be about 130 hp.

It seems that the new Dacia Sandero will have a sale price starting from less than 9,000 euros. The cost for the current model starts from about 8,000 euros, says promotor.ro.